Symposia CFP

Symposia at AISB20 are now circulating their CFPs. For more information on each symposium, including on submission requirements and deadlines, please click the individual links below. If there is not already a link, this means I’m awaiting information from that symposium. This page will be updated regularly.

11th AISB Symposium on AI & Games (AI&G)

2nd Symposium on AI and Robotics Normative Spheres: Towards a Sustainable Society and Technology (AIRoNoS)

AI and Moral Learning (AIML)

7th Computational creativity symposium (CC20)

First AISB Symposium on Conversational AI (SoCAI)

Do Robots Talk? Philosophical Implications of Describing Human-Machine Communication (DoRoTa)

The Impact of Anthropomorphism on Human Understanding of Intelligent Systems (Anthro2020)

Philosophy after AI: meaning and understanding (PhAI2020)

Overcoming Opacity in Machine Learning (Opacity)

Representation and Reality In Humans, Other Living Organisms and Machines (R&R)

Responsibility and control: communication and conversation through technology (RACCT)

There will also be a number of other workshops and events at the convention. More information about these will be added soon.

Workshop: Contesting the Analog/Digital Distinction


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